Second ECOS handbook published!!
We proudly present our second hanndbook „SUPPORTING LOCAL CHANGE“ –  handbook on supervising and mentoring. You can download it for free clicking on this link:...

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First ECOS handbook published!
We proudly present our first hanndbook „MAKING SOCIAL CHANGES IN LOCAL COMMUNITIES“ – basic handbook for community organisers: You can download it for free clicking on this link: Making social...

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Final conference in Katowice
On June 28-29, 2018 the final conference of the ECOS project took place in Katowice, Poland. This event was organized by the Bona Fides Association and...

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3rd partner meeting in Katowice, Poland
Our consortium of the ECOS project met for the last time in Katowice, Poland between June 26th – June 27th. We needed to discuss the...

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This is a very happy and a very sad moment for our project. We managed to conduct the for the advanced CO ( in...

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We are happy to announce that the second training for the advanced community organizers was organized by our Bulgarian partners in Sofia, from January 18th...

Continue reading → for the advanced CO again in Zvolen
The first of the European Community Organizing School (ECOS) trainings for the advanced community organizers took place on October 12th – 16th, 2017 in Zvolen and...

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Call for application – advanced level is now open
Our ECOS consortium is now opening the call for participation in the second phase of the project – for the advanced organizers. If you feel...

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First half of the project successfully finished
We are happy to announce that in June 2017 we successfully finished the first half of the ECOS project, that was focusing on the level...

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2nd partner meeting in Dresden, Germany
The partners of the ECOS project had a successful meeting in Dresden, Germany – the second week of July (July 9 – 10). During the project...

Continue reading → for beginners in Budapest
The last of the European Community Organizing School (ECOS) trainings for beginners took place on May 10th – May 15th, 2017 in Budapest, Hungary. Goals...

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On January 19th – January 23rd, 2017, a second ECOS (European Community Organizing Schools) training for beginners under the Erasmus + programme was held in Poland’s...

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The first training for beginners was conducted in September 15 – 19 in Zvolen, Slovakia. 18 future community organizers from 5 countries including Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria,...

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E-learning course for beginners available
The ECOS project team is happy to announce that the e-learning course for beginners is available on our Moodle platform here: The access is...

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Local dissemination seminars promoting ECOS methodology
The second half of the summer 2016 was for ECOS consortium a busy period. Partners used this time for preparing and organising local seminars which had...

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Launching of our ECOS project in Poland
First project meeting in Tychy/Katowice (Poland) was held from 2 till 4.03.2016.The meeting provided an opportunity for all the partners to meet and get to...

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What is the content?

Community organizing (OS) is a method that allows to increase participation in public life. Activities related to the promotion of direct democracy are particularly important in the region whose community was particularly shaped by communism experience. Mid-social level vacuum and low level of public participation is characteristic phenomenon of post-communist societies.

To what ends?

 The aim of the project „European Community Organising School“ community is to exchange good practices in the field of community organising between partners from Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Germany and Bulgaria. By working together methodology of adult education in the field of community organizing will be created, which will serve as a basis to carry out two training cycles (in total 6 meetings). Thanks to training cycles 36 social organizers will raise competences necessary to work more effectively with local initiatives set up by inhabitants.

For whom and how?

Direct participants of the project are persons using community organising method in their work, who possesses different level of experience and derives from different social fields. During the project tools will be developed that will enable establishment of professional European Community Organising School (methodology of training), conduct supervision (guide book for supervising the work of the community organisers) and the e-learning platform, through which it will be possible to spread the results to interested beneficiaries.

To what extent?

Indirectly, the project will reach 3600 people, with whom 36 Community Organisers work. Promotion events in each partner country and the closing conference of the entire project will be another opportunity to disseminate the project results among the hundreds of people. Thanks to funding of the European Community Organising School further development of the European Community Organising Network will be possible, which will ensure durability of effects and use of the results even after the completion of the project.


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