Second ECOS handbook published!!

We proudly present our second hanndbook "SUPPORTING LOCAL CHANGE" -  handbook on supervising and mentoring. You can download it for free clicking on this link: supervisors handbook

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First ECOS handbook published!

We proudly present our first hanndbook "MAKING SOCIAL CHANGES IN LOCAL COMMUNITIES" - basic handbook for community organisers: You can download it for free clicking on this link: Making social changes in local communities

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Final conference in Katowice

On June 28-29, 2018 the final conference of the ECOS project took place in Katowice, Poland. This event was organized by the Bona Fides Association and by the Municipal Cultural Center Bogucice - Zawodzie. The main objective of the conference was...

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3rd partner meeting in Katowice, Poland

Our consortium of the ECOS project met for the last time in Katowice, Poland between June 26th - June 27th. We needed to discuss the final work on our project outcomes but also we wanted to evaluate the project itself...

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This is a very happy and a very sad moment for our project. We managed to conduct the for the advanced CO ( in total) from April 12th - 16th, but it also means that there are no more...

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We are happy to announce that the second training for the advanced community organizers was organized by our Bulgarian partners in Sofia, from January 18th - 22nd. Our partners hosted all together 14 professionals from 4 countries. Goals – as...

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The first of the European Community Organizing School (ECOS) trainings for the advanced community organizers took place on October 12th - 16th, 2017 in Zvolen and Banská Bystrica, both in Central Slovakia. Goals – as a result of the training a...

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Call for application – advanced level is now open

Our ECOS consortium is now opening the call for participation in the second phase of the project - for the advanced organizers. If you feel that you would like to extend your knowledge in community organizing and you are from...

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First half of the project successfully finished

We are happy to announce that in June 2017 we successfully finished the first half of the ECOS project, that was focusing on the level for beginners including: methodology reflecting organisers' needs transformed into practical and informal exercises complementary...

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2nd partner meeting in Dresden, Germany

The partners of the ECOS project had a successful meeting in Dresden, Germany - the second week of July (July 9 - 10). During the project meeting various important points of the project were discussed among partners. The consortium evaluated the...

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