2nd partner meeting in Dresden, Germany

The partners of the ECOS project had a successful meeting in Dresden, Germany – the second week of July (July 9 – 10).

During the project meeting various important points of the project were discussed among partners. The consortium evaluated the first phase of the project devoted to the level for beginners, but also needed to plan the second phase of the project, which includes the preparatory work for the advanced level together with two handbooks which should be published in the second half of 2017 (the handbook for new community organizers) and first half of 2018 (the handbook for mentors/supervisors).

We were also very sad to say goodbye to our German partners, who are leaving the project because of the internal changes, but still will be fully supportive when it comes to the project disseminating activities and hopefully will join some other common initiative of this consortium in the future.

We will shortly announce the call for the advanced level, so please stay tuned :).