2.training for the advanced CO in beautiful Sofia

We are happy to announce that the second training for the advanced community organizers was organized by our Bulgarian partners in Sofia, from January 18th – 22nd. Our partners hosted all together 14 professionals from 4 countries.

Goals – as a result of the training a participant:

  • Is aware how group dynamics looks like and importance of crisis and conflict in this process
  • Is aware what typical roles we can see in groups and how they influence the group development
  • Is able to use concrete conflict solving facilitation tools
  • Knows ways of intervention in a situation of: reaching agreement, conflict solving, confronting a difficult interlocutor, difficulties in working with group or individual member.

For this particular training we were honoured by the presence of Bálint Vojtonovszki as a main trainer and Kajo Zboril repeated his role as a co-trainer – big thank you to both!

And of course, bit thanks to our Bulgaria partners for hosting and taking care for both trainers and all participants.

This training was the second out of three for the advanced community organizers and will finished in Hungary (April 2018).