Electoral organising

After the regional elections in November 2013, a Neo-fascist was elected as the head of the region and the fear from extremism became real. Although the elections were democratic, many people felt that it required a significant response was needed. One response to this situation was the creation of broad based platform who were inspired by the US initiated Not In Our Town. For the first time in the city’s recent history, a broad base of representatives of a variety of approximately twenty groups came together to address this new situation. With limited financial support, they carried out a few community activities based on the anti-extremists’ values such as tolerance, understanding and love. 


The Not In Our Town platform started as a reactive iniciative but throughtout the years slowly evolved into the professional and effective counter violent extremism program with the clear goals, including mobilisation and campaigning as one of the strongest and most visible actions. 


This case is therefore about effective use of political organising in the social justice campaigns.

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