Electing Marian Kotleba as the head of regional office just showed the alarming extremisation, polarisation and radicalisation of Slovak society. It showed that some part of the society is:

  • Frustrated from the mainstream parties and politicians;

  • Not believing in state institutions;

  • Adopting the extremist language in the offline and online form;

  • Believing that very complex problems can be solved by very easy solutions;

  • Using hate against vulnerable communities and groups.

It even became worse after the parliament elections in 2016 when the LSNS partie of Marian Kotleba made it to the parliament.

That was the moment when we realised we need to do some contra action that shows that democracy still matters to most of the people in Slovakia, that we don't want extremists be part of parliaments and we can prove it on the regional level, where our work started.

Last modified: Wednesday, 31 October 2018, 7:47 AM