We decided to go for positive approach in the campaign. That means, we added a word “together” to the original slogan of the campaign “there is more of us” (or alternative translation “we are more”). This decision came after we ask well-know NGO campaigner to help us with our campaign, which turned out to be a good step.

We used G A M M M A + approach in campaign planning and we were researching target groups regarding radicalisation and ideology of ĽSNS party.

According the research, we decided to go for mid-term campaign – 6 months. Shorter campaign would not have that much impact on public and we would not be able to reach enough people.

Campaign used combination of push, pull factors and alternative narrative – setting boundaries with giving alternative solution.

Strongest action of campaign – public pressure for strongest alternative as an exit from political situation – 1 suitable candidate + field work of all democratic candidates

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