Each Step + Lesson Learned /what would you differently if you would know..

Lesson learned
This step actually took us very long, which we did not expect at the beginning, but it was necessary to put everyone on team at the same level and same values.
Creating manifesto (consisting of all methods – counter and alternative narrative, push and pull factor, appeal to values which resonate with nationalist voters, good alternative to recent politician and call to action)
Manifesto was presented at press conference in front of the regional office and was online on campaign webpage to be signed by public.
We should have push the manifesto to the public more. It became less visible after other activities were done which was a mistake.
The manifesto could have been promoted throughout all activities we did during the campaign.
We approached promotion agency to help us with slogan.
  1. Slogan Kotle-bye-bye was not accepted
  1. Slogan There is more of us was accepted
Good slogan but not fitting to the goal and target groups, we abandoned this, which was evaluated as a good decision
We consulted slogans with NGO campaigner, who gave us some useful comments.
We needed to find a good consensus between mild humor and positive message.
Closed round table with candidates
Putting public pressure on candidates (as there was too much of them) was the most significant activity in the whole campaign.
Netárajštreka (messenger) – video series on facebook, that showed how people live in the region, if they like regional government, what problems do they counter, etc.
It was streamed on facebook and youtube with high reach on public, as we showed almost every city in region and people could relate.
Concept could have been more prepared, but in the situation we were (resources, time), we did our best.
Public discussion with candidates 
We encountered a huge criticism during and after one of these discussions because moderator was one of our team members. 
It would have been better, if we had independent moderator.
Public screening of videos from region and pressure for getting together
Protest Not in our town after extremists and party members decided to drive across the region against „associal people“ (roma people) to show aggression and white power
We underestimated number of people for our protest, promotion of the protest and trying to get our supporters there could have been more intensive.
We should avoid ideology and attacks on it
Living library and theatre performance Natálka
4 disputes for students and public on hot topics covering slogan the extremist party is using – „For god and for nation“
And one explaining competences of regional office with good practice examples
More promotion
Rally Together there is more of us
More promotion

Mobilization (online, individual help in candidates team)


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