Lesson learned
Overall campaign took 4 years. It was very complicated one and the circumstances were not favourable (during the campaign the President of Katowice changed and the Initiative had to start their fight almost from the scratch. Throughout these 4 years, there were a few moments when members engaged in the campaign felt frustration and did not believe that their campaign is going to succeed.
The community organiser involved group in another issue that was easy to win. Apart from the fight for parking lot, they were working on renovation of small square. They They took part in a competition organised by Western Bank Foundation and won it. Thanks to a grant  initiative they replaced an old and broken bench and planted lots of different plants. It was the first success they achieved, and in fact was a pivotal moment in the group’s life. The members of the group felt that together they can make greater changes in their neighbourhood.
Moreover, both the community organiser and the leader of the group were focusing on developing the group itself.
Dozen or so articles about the group’s campaign, broadcast live “Wszystko na temat”, short film prepared by TVS - local TV. 
Although the promotion was quite good, we should have used more channels to gain public awareness, including Facebook and happenings.
Moreover we could name our campaign by finding appropriate slogan, so it would be more visible and recognised in the public sphere.
Accounting session with the then President of Katowice
It was Initiative who invited President to visit the estate and talk about their issue, but eventually the meeting was announced as the idea of the President (from time to time President visits given neighbourhood and meets with citizens).
The Initiative should have put more pressure on the City Hall in this respect.
Official opening of the parking lot
It was a great idea for several reasons: 
- the event gathered many different groups: members of the Initiative, inhabitants of the Kukuczki Housing Estate, Vice- President of Katowice and local media
- it showed that the good cooperation with local authorities is possible
- it was a great occasion for a group to celebrate their success

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